LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing
LUMIXIA Foam Washing

LUMIXIA Foam Washing

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A foaming cleanser to thoroughly clean inside pores


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A light foaming cleanser formulated with gentle plant extracts to reach deep inside the pores and remove impurities to prevent skin problems.

This cleanser packaged in a sanitary pump container creates a soft foam that reaches inside the pores to thoroughly remove daily impurities. Formulated with gentle plant extracts such as Burdock Root, Hop Flower and Chamomile, this face wash is calming and soothing to use, prevents breakouts and enhances skin’s natural glow.

+ Remove impurities thoroughly inside the pores
+ Helps calm and soothe irritated skin
+ Prevent breakouts and reduces acne
+ Enhances the natural glow of the skin

All Skin Types

Made in Japan. Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, artificial coloring and fragrance-free. Size: 200ml

Key Ingredients

Apple Fruit Water

Helps remove dead skin cells that cause dullness.

Burdock Root Extract

Provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits while helping to improve metabolism.

LUMIXIA Foam Washing
Chamomile Flower Extract

Provide anti-inflammatory benefits and improves skin's natural glow.

Hop Flower Extract

Provides calming, brightening and softening benefits.

How to use

Take 4-5 pumps and work cleanser in a spiral motion across entire face. Rinse away with lukewarm water.

Please do not shake the container. Suggested Skincare Routine: - Basic Cleansing - Washing Foam - Lotion - Eye Treament(s) - Milk - Moisture White

This product is for step 2 of the double cleansing step.

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