J-Beauty Steps

As easy as 1,2,3 and UV!

KAIZEN’S J-Beauty 5-Step Japanese Skincare Routine

The Japanese ideal of a “suhada bijin,” or having beautiful skin even without any makeup, revolves around prevention, hydration, and gentle care instead of harshly stripping and irritating your skin.

J-Beauty’s simple 5 steps include using a great UV product year-round, and a gentle, effective double cleansing at night to prep the skin for maximum absorbency so the replenishing moisturizing steps really take.

How each step is applied to your face and neck is also extremely key. J-Beauty avoids pulling, stretching, scrubbing, and any other actions that can damage sensitive skin, and teaches us instead to pat gently and to “tap” instead of rubbing.

Unscented or extremely lightly scented and using naturally derived sources of nutrients, these dermatologist-created J-Beauty skincare products are generally very low irritant, work on most skin types, and generally have fewer allergens and ingredients that cause reaction than drugstore and department store brands.

The easiest way to remember the most effective skincare order is: Cleaning, Prepping, Treating, Protecting.

CLEANSE (Double Cleansing)

Treatments, not torture

Be nicer to your skin.

In advertising for skin products in the U.S., we often see phrases like "fighting sign of aging" and "attacking wrinkles and fine lines" and "destroy sun damage".

We don't want you to wage a war with your face, we want to help you get the same results, but gently.

Why Japanese Skincare, Now?

Meet our Founder

Not to be cliche, but our products are all tested and used by our KAIZEN team. Learn more about us and J-Beauty, here.