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Welcome to Kaizen skin care shop, we are providing the best skin care products. Our products are perfect and useful for your unbalanced skin. We care about your skin that’s why we are providing you with the best skin care products that make your skin healthy, glowing, brighter, and fresh again. So today, we will talk about our amazing Plamine washing foam clay cleanser.

What Is Plamine Washing Foam Clay Cleanser?

best clay cleanser for oily skinFirst, let’s discuss that what actually a Plamine washing clay cleanser is. It is the best clay cleanser made in Japan that deeply cleans and removes the dirt on your skin. Our product is made with ancient Japanese clay that only detoxes your pretty face but also purifies pores, improves circulation, firms the skin, and supports cell turnover. Japanese clays derived from the pristine Okinawa Islands cleanse, detox, and purify your skin deeply.
  • The best and most amazing Plamine clay cleanser.
  • Detox your face and remove all the impurities from your skin.
  • Provides you with extraordinary purifying and brightening effects.
How Does It Work?

best clay cleanser for oily skinThis amazing clay cleanser is literally magic that makes your skin healthy, glowing, and bright. Formulated with Tanakura clay and Okinawa marine silt, our stunning washing foam clay cleanser purifies deep inside pores. The rich natural minerals help to improve circulation and encourage cell turnover. This plamine clay cleanser leaves skin refreshed and firmed while reducing the size of pores. Moreover, it washes away impurities as it delivers Artichoke leaf and Kumazasa extract to fight wrinkles and soothe skin with anti-inflammatory and emollient benefits. Now every girl’s dream of having pretty, smooth, and balanced skin can come true.

  • Formulated with Tanakura clay and Okinawa marine silt.
  • Ideal for all skin types.
  • Say goodbye to oily and unbalanced skin.

Key Ingredients:

Our Plamine clay cleanser is made from rich ingredients, we care about your skin which is why we made our product with so much love and care for your lovely skin. Once you start using this clay cleanser you will fall in love with our product. The all amazing ingredients that we used in our product are mentioned below.

Tanakura Clay: Helps improve circulation and skin cell turnover.

Artichoke Leaf Extract: Helps reduce wrinkles and brighten skin.

Marine Silt: Deep cleans pores and provides a firming effect.

Kumazasa Extract: Provides anti-inflammatory and emollient benefits.

Rejuvenate Skin:

Plamine Washing Foam Clay CleanserOur best plamine washing foam clay cleanser gives new energy and refreshes your skin. The ancient Japanese clay cleanser provides high-quality cleansing of pores and makes your skin bright and beautiful. Our clay cleanser deeply rejuvenates your skin and helps to extract dirt and oil from pores. Get your dream skin by using the best plamine clay cleanser. Our product is 100% safe and restores the natural glow of your skin. It helps to improve the skin complexion as well.

  • Prevents dullness
  • Improves oily skin
  • Restore the natural glow of your skin.
  • Improves skin complexion

How To Use?

Want to get rid of your skin problems? Then you must use our clay cleanser just wet your face and apply an adequate amount to your hand. Gently massage your wet skin in circular motions and start cleaning your face after messaging on wet skin wash off with tap water. After all the procedures when you clean your face properly you will see the amazing results. Your skin will look soft, smooth, and bright.
  • Use this amazing product and change your life.
  • Allow your skin to look healthy and bright every day.
  • Get amazing results.

Keep Your Skin Smooth:

best clay cleanser for oily skinFinding the best clay cleanser? Then you should try our plamine washing foam clay cleanser. It is more than perfect for your skin and deeply cleans the dirt and impurities of your skin. So how do you feel when your skin looks flawless? Absolutely beautiful right? Feel beautiful and flawless every day by using our amazing clay cleanser. Our cleanser gives your skin a soothing and smooth feel of clay. Our plamine clay cleanser proves to be very beneficial for your lovely skin it eliminates all the impurities from your skin and makes you feel lighter and brighter.

  • Feel smooth like clay
  • Provides ultimate brightness
  • Enjoy healthy and light skin every day

One Solution For So Many Skin Problems:

Are you wake up every day with heavy, dull, and oily skin? Worried about your skin and feel uncomfortable at your workplace? Don’t worry we are presenting you with the perfect solution for your skin problems. Our clay cleanser is everything you need to fight your skin problems. It deeply cleanses and detoxes your skin and removes all dirt and impurities of your skin. We ensure that you will get the best cleansing experience during your skincare routine. Allow our amazing product to make you feel comfortable and confident every day at your work.

  • Feel confident and brighter every day.
  • Our product provides you with the best cleansing experience.
  • The perfect solution that makes your skin bright, and fresh again.
  • Say hello to balanced skin every morning.

Prevent Wrinkles:

A good skincare routine is compulsory if you want beautiful skin. We all have skin issues and that’s normal but not doing something about your unhealthy skin is not allowed. Want to make wrinkles disappear? Of course who doesn't? try our plamine clay cleanser wash your face with our cleanser add this amazing product to your skincare routine and then see the magic. It helps to prevent wrinkles and make your skin breathable and fresh again. what’s best than this amazing product? Add this clay cleanser today to your skincare routine and give your skin the perfect balance.

  • For flawless and wrinkle-free skin our clay cleanser is perfect.
  • Eliminate all the dirt from your skin.
  • Get amazing results.
  • Anti-inflammatory face cleanser

Shrink Pores:

Open pores are the most common skin issue that almost every girl is facing but this issue can cause serious skin problems. Because when your pores are open the dirt easily enters into the skin. And when you don’t properly cleanse your skin the small dirt particles can turn into severe acne. And we are sure that you don’t want to let this happen to your lovely skin. This is why we provide you with the best skincare product. Our amazing clay cleanser deeply enters your skin and absorbs all the dirt away and makes your skin breathable. It is also proven to be beneficial to reduce the size of pores. Now you can easily get the brighter and flawless skin.

  • Amazing product that deeply cleanse and reduces the size of pores.
  • Start a healthy skincare routine with our clay cleansers.
  • Feel happy and light every morning.
  • A perfect solution to get rid of open pores.

Benefits Of Cleansing Regularly:

Plamine Washing Foam Clay CleanserHealthy skin requires a good skincare routine, most skin problems and aging signs such as wrinkles, dullness, acne, and fine lines cause by unhealthy skincare routines. Sometimes when we lack a skincare routine our skin becomes rough and breathless. And when you don’t properly take care of your skin you end up with expensive skin treatments. But fighting these skin problems is no more difficult now.

Cleans Daily All you need is a good cleanser that deeply purifies your skin. We care about your precious skin that’s why our perfect clay face wash is specially made for you. just add this simple yet effective product to your daily skincare routine and enjoy healthy skin. Now it's totally up to you whether you spent a lot of money on expensive treatment or just follow the simple step of cleansing.

  • Clear up all dirt and gives you healthier and smooth skin.
  • Keep your skin hydrated and soft.
  • Sweep away dead skin and make your skin fresh again.
  • Stimulate blood circulation for glowing skin.
  • Make your skin look younger and fight all the aging signs.
  • Helps other skin care products to work properly on your skin.

Stay Beautiful And Young:

Plamine Washing Foam Clay CleanserEvery woman has a dream that she looks beautiful and young. And only a good skincare routine can make this possible. We care about your needs that’s why we are providing you with an effective skincare product. Cleanse your face every day with our clay cleanser and make your skin look healthier and young. Our Japanese clay cleanser is perfect in all aspects and is definitely worth it. Just add this stunning beauty product to your skincare routine and feel every day even younger and brighter. Allow our product to make your skin flawless and dirt free.

  • The best clay cleanser you won’t find anywhere.
  • 100% safe and secure.
  • No harsh chemicals were used during the manufacturing.
  • Provide you with amazing results.


Hence, we are introducing you to the best Plamine washing foam clay cleanser. That deeply cleanse your skin and absorbs all the dirt and impurities from your skin. We are happy to announce that our skincare products are the best in the whole market. Our clay cleanser is made from ancient Japanese clay and formulated with Tanakura clay and Okinawa marine silt. Our product is the one simple solution to your all skin problems. So what are you waiting for? Add this clay cleanser to your daily skincare routine and see amazing results. This plamine clay cleanser is suitable for all skin types. Allow our product to make you feel beautiful every single day.

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